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If you’re a seafood lover, you can’t go wrong at Golden Fish Market, located near the Dutch corner on the Arch Street side of Reading Terminal. Here, in their long, brightly lit cases, you’ll find mounds of the freshest whole fish and fish fillets, shrimp, locally harvested oysters and clams, and live lobsters, as well as an assortment of prepared foods like cooked crawfish, pre-seasoned raw halibut, and steamed lobster. They offer sushi-grade salmon and other fish, too, and in the summer, customers line up down the aisle for their bags of cooked, locally caught crab claws. No matter what time of year, there are always seasonal specials posted at the counter, and the staff are happy to help you decide on what to cook for your next seafood meal.

Golden fish - Sanqian - China

Unique artwork delivered with a certificate of authenticity

Small paintings Golden fish by Sanqian
Small paintings Golden fish by Sanqian
Description artwork

The original and unique artwork GOLDEN FISH is a creation by the artist San Qian, who creates landscapes in the purest Chinese tradition, using mainly an ink painting.